Therapeutic Benefits


Slipped discs, Bulging discs, Scoliosis, Fused spinal cord, Frozen shoulder, Torn rotator cuff, Knee reconstruction, Knee replacement, Tennis elbow, Neck pain, Hip pain, SI pain, Sciatica, High and low Blood pressure, Diabetes, Weight Loss, Muscle atrophy, Ankle injury, Sports rehabilitation including tendon and ligament damage, Post surgery recovery, Low self esteem and depression.

We are happy to work with your medical practitioner to fast track your rehabilitation. Simply ask us to explain how.

We are recommended by chiropractors, physiotherapists, doctors, acupuncturists, orthopaedic surgeons and personal trainers to assist in your recovery.

First time students

How do i prepare for class

and what do i need to bring ?



  • Make sure you are well hydrated by drinking at least 1-2 litres of water during the day. It is best to hydrate throughout the day rather than leaving it to the last minute!
  • Please arrive 30 minutes early. You can book online to streamline sign in, however there is no need to book, just be sure to arrive early!
  • Avoid eating anything 3 hours before class begins!
  • Wear something light and fitted, remember it’s going to be hot!
  • Bring a bath sized towel to practice with and a towel for after class as you may want to have a shower!
  • Bring some water with you (water is available for purchase). Bring a yoga mat if you have one (available for hire for $3). Strictly NO RUBBER mats or camping mats please.
  • It is important to inform us of any pre-existing injuries or medical issues that you may have
  • It is important that all first time students arrive at least 30 minutes before class as you will need to fill out a new student form before practicing and discuss any injuries etc. You can also book online to save time!

Please leave all valuables at home and switch your mobile phone to silent before entering the studio, better still please switch it off. Please also refrain from using your mobile phone until you have left the premises, remember some students may still be having some quiet time as you are leaving


“Do I need to Book?“

There is no need to book for class, but please arrive 30 minutes early for your first class as classes start on time.

“I have never practiced yoga before will it be okay for me to practice Hot Yoga?”

Yes, Hot Yoga is suitable for everyone. If you are injured or unwell, please let us know and we will give you necessary modifications.

“I am not very flexible, I can’t even touch my toes. Would Hot Yoga be suitable for me?”

Saying your too inflexible for yoga is like saying your too dirty for a bath!

It doesn’t matter how inflexible you are, over time and with a regular practice you will become more flexible. We were all flexible as children so there is no reason why we can’t turn back time and become flexible again. 

“What should i wear and what do i bring?”

Wear light fitted clothes, remember it’s going to be hot. Bring 2 towels, bring a yoga mat if you have one (mats are free to use in your 1st class then $3 for hire). Bring some water (water can be purchased).

“How much water should i drink?”

Drink 2-3 litres of water throughout the day, avoid drinking too much before class. It’s better to hydrate slowly during the day.

“Can I freeze my pass?”

The annual pass is the only pass that can be put on hold (for 4 weeks, 1 week minimum at a time). No monthly unlimited or 10 class pass can be extended.

“I have a bad back, is it safe for me to practice?”

Hot Yoga is excellent for your spine and is perfectly safe for you to do, however please advise your teacher before each class of your injury. This will ensure you are given modifications as needed throughout class.

“I have high / low blood pressure, can i practice Hot Yoga?”

Hot Yoga helps to regulate your blood pressure over time, however please inform your teacher before each class begins. It is important that you let us know. If you are on medications, it is important to get regular checks from your doctor (as you continue to practise and regulate your blood pressure your medication may reduce)

“I have a bad knee or I have had recent knee surgery, should i practice?”

Yes you can practice however please advise us of your injury.  This will ensure you are given modifications as needed throughout class.



fit & surfing @60 with 2 hip replacements!.

Sunday, July 17th, 2016

I have been practising Hot Yoga for around 3 years. I was skeptical at first when I tagged along with Daniella for a class. I came out of that first class a beaten man and was surprised how many underlying aches and pains I was rediscovering. The funny thing is, I was also excited and realised that there were some serious benefits for my body and also my mind if I stuck it out.

Sticking it out wouldn’t be a real problem for me as I have played rugby union, trained and competed in endurance sports including marathons and long distance ocean swims and most importantly, I surf!

Anyway, all the intense training and physicality of the sports I played came back to bite me on my proverbial backside. I ended up having to have my first hip replacement over 17 years ago and I had to have my other hip replaced coming on 2 years ago this October.

In the early days of practising hot yoga, I never thought I would be able to complete quite a few of the poses due to having 2 artificial hips. Surprisingly, overtime I have been able to reach a level of practice that has me amazed. Though I still wobble about on occasion(s).

Now I am letting you in on this, as it has been the team at Hot Yoga, Gold Coast, and there reassuring messages and explanations of postures  during class, that has really enabled me to realise the benefits I have received from Hot Yoga.

What are the benefits?

The benefits I ask my self often, How many individuals do you see hovering around 60 years of age, still surf good waves and with two artificial hips! I’m surfing back to my younger surfing days and it is solely attributable to practising Hot Yoga. Not to mention I have hang out with some old crusty surfers as well.

My endurance and fitness is great and my mind and wellbeing are in a place so I suppose I can describe myself as being enjoyably balanced. There are distractions though haha!

I really have to thank the crew at Hot Yoga as you all have made me match fit. It something I nag my surfing buddies about and I question myself why I hadn’t started Hot Yoga when I was much younger.

Thanks Hot Yoga crew, Gold Coast. Roger Salmaggi

Your an inspiration Roger, thank you!!

Severe lower back pain

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

Hey fellow yogi’s. I want to thank you for relieving my pain. 7 years ago i suffered from severe lower back pain 24 hrs a day, some days i could not even move around at all. I tried acupuncture, chiro, physio, pilates, strong medications and no relief. My chiro insisted i try Bikram and even paid for my first 10 class card. He said if i didn’t do anything about it i probably wouldn’t be able to walk in 10 years.

Well 7 years later thanks to Sean and Jodi i have no pain at all, no medications, no chiro or any other treatments. My body feels great and i know my future is bright as long as i keep up the 90 mins of awesome mind and body meditation.

You guys change lives!! Thank you! Nathan Fleury

Thank you – Life Changing Yoga

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015

Just wanted to say a big thank you for all you’ve taught me this year. My life has changed dramatically since starting hot yoga with you and I am so appreciative to you both. At 46 I have never been happier and healthier. And I will continue to do hot yoga with you for life!

Merry Xmas, much love, peace and happiness!

Namaste, Geoff Charters.

Thank you Geoff. It is because of your hard work and commitment to yourself that you feel (and look) so good!

Life is brighter & Lighter

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

It started off with a phone call from Brad, a friend in Sydney, who just started Bikram yoga. He told me I had to do it as it is awesome and I would love it. I bought a $25 ten day pass.

Everybody tells you that you never forget your first Bikram class but I must admit I do not remember much. I was too busy deciding whether I wanted to vomit, pass out, run through the wall or simply pass away. I walked out of the Burleigh studio to the car and gave my mate Dave the keys. I really was not capable of driving. Somehow the pins and needles in my face were preventing me from talking. It was very disturbing.

By the time we reached Tugun I said to Dave there was no F%$#%  way I was going to spend $25 for 90 minutes of whatever that  was for just one class. After passing out on the couch at 8:30 pm that night (and having the most solid night’s sleep) I decided I was going to get my money’s worth and the next day, back into the hot room I went.

Fourteen months later as I am writing this, I do not have a bad word to say about Bikram yoga. I have practised 5-7 days a week since. I continue to do so simply because since day one it has improved every aspect of my life and hasn’t failed me once.

My advice to anyone starting Bikram yoga? It is hard, hot and challenging, but if you keep going consistently your life will get brighter and lighter and you will want less and enjoy more.  Physically you will become much fitter, flexible and stronger.

Oh…and Dave is still going too…and my wife Shiho (after seeing the way I came home) started soon after.

Cheers, Paul Macklin

surfing like a pro

Monday, June 30th, 2014

I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the awesome yoga teachers at Bikram Yoga Gold Coast! Two years of training and my lung capacity and cardiac strength make it so worth it on mornings like today in the surf. I had to handle a few outside monster set smashings and did so like a pro

Thanks guys! See ya in the hot room —– Sacha Pine

Neck Injury

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

Hi Sean & Jodie & everyone else…

I just thought I’d let you know how much bikram has helped me. I’m sure you’ve heard many miraculous stories of recovery, so I wont bore you with the details. I’ve simply included 2 images from my MRI scans.

The first was taken at the beginning of november.

I had the second scan around mid-feb.

I’m honestly amazed..

I’m not entirely pain-free, but I feel a lot more positive about my situation. THANK YOU!!!

I am so grateful to all of you. Wajeeha Zagham 

Knee & Achilles Injuries

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

1 year already! wow!

I might take this opportunity to thank you all for keeping me motivated to continue my bikram practice. I am really enjoying the benefits that come with it!

I started bikram (1 year ago now) as part of a continued attempt at trying to alleviate several injuries. Prior to starting bikram I had spent 6 months trying to fix  knee and achilles injuries that I gave myself from the wear and tear that comes with running and dancing. I spent probably around $8,000 on physio, specialists, podiatrist and cortisone shots. Whilst all were helpful to some degree and the source of the problems were identified, nothing was giving me a long term and manageable solution to my problems that allowed me to continue physical activity, especially running. So, having not been able to run for 6 months I was starting to go crazy as i use my exercise as my “escape” and really enjoy the feeling it gives me and swimming instead of running just was not cutting it!

So, after I heard my little brother could survive his first bikram experience that gave me the confidence to try it also. My first class I walked out of the room and said “that was hell”…it was the hardest thing to get through for me in a very long time, but although i was exhausted and my head was throbbing I felt a sense of self accomplishment. A few days later I tried a second time and it was  thousand times easier and same again the third time.

 For the first month or so, I wasn’t sure if bikram was a help or a hindrance on my injuries, my body was definitely changing but sometimes for the worse. There was a point near the beginning when I’d have to take an extra towel to class to use as a pillow for my left heel as I couldn’t lie in dead body pose with my heel resting on the hard floor without severe pain. Over time I was slowly able to remove the pillow and started to relise changes to me injuries. When I started I couldn’t sit on my heels without my knees screaming at me, now its easy for me! when I started I had absolutely no flexibility in my achilles, now I do!….I’ve noticed alot of small changes to my on going pain on a day to day basis and definitely know that bikram has been the saviour. After about 3 months of bikram I even started to run on a regular basis, I know this basically counter acts all the benefits of bikram, but by doing both yoga and running, I gain the feeling back that running gives me and bikram manages the injuries that running gives me haha

 I’m not saying bikram has been a miracle maker to any degree, I still cannot run the distance or speed that I used to and still have alot of ongoing little injuries that I assume will stay with me for life. However, Bikram has given me a way to manage these injuries and allow me to continue to do the things I love. I am not back to dancing yet, after 18 months off, but I’m hoping to start again this year.

 In addition to the injury thing, bikram allowed me to stay fit while not being able to run and gave me the cardio workout my body craves without the nasty impacts that come with other cardio workouts. It’s allowed me to maintain my flexibility and I have maintained alot of the muscle tone I had from when I used to do weights at the gym. I have no need for a gym now and am loving not going to one and getting outdoors instead.

 Also, I have noticed changes to me state of mind over the last year. Things that used to frustrate me and get me all worked up just don’t anymore. This could be also mean that I’m growing up however I think bikram can also have some of the credit haha… I am the type of person that never stops moving, ever! However, Bikram has forced to stay still sometimes and this was a huge challenge for me when I first started, however I’m getting better at this. I still have along way to go before I can truly just stay still and relax, both in the bikram room and out of it, but I’m definitely improving!

 Most weeks I practice around 3 times, and feel this works well for me. The weeks I have missed, due to life just getting in the way, I have definitely noticed my body misses my practice. It’s true that every class is different, in fact, sometimes I feel my progress goes backwards, but I’m ok with that (the old me would not be ok).

 Anyway, thank you for guiding me through my practice so far. You are all a credit to bikram yoga gold coast and the business you operate. You are doing a truly fantastic and professional job! Suzy Jensen 

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Friday, November 4th, 2011

Since being diagnosed with juvenile arthritis at age 13, followed by rheumatoid arthritis a few years later, I had struggled endlessly juggling combinations of drugs, therapies and operations to combat the pain and inflammation that had engulfed and at times, completely crippled my body – that was until I discovered Bikram Yoga aged 34.

After walking through the doors of hot room for the first time at the old Burleigh Beach studio, I had an enormous sense that I had finally found a remedy for my pain. At this stage I had just undergone four operations within a year on my foot/knees, and took a daily combination of eight types of arthritic medication – however after practicing regularly, within two months not only was I feeling healthy, fit, focused and able to freely move joints that hadn’t functioned in years, I had also rid myself of all the medications, bar one.

That was almost 3 years ago now, and to this day I am painfree the majority of the time from regular practice, and only take the one medication once a fortnight. My rheumatologist says it is the best he has ever seen me!

Additionally Bikram has built up my core strength, flexibility and balance which allows me to pursue my other passion – surfing.

The arthritis will never completely leave my body, but as long as I practice Bikram, my body will continue to heal and I’ll enjoy the active lifestyle I have always craved.

Thank you so much Sean, Jodie and all the wonderful teachers, you have provided so much encouragement and guidance that I will be forever grateful for. Alison Gowland 

Spinal Injury

Friday, November 4th, 2011

In 2008 I injured my lower back, my symptoms progressed quickly from pain to serious mobility issues. In 2010 the doctors went ahead with an Anterior Lumbar Fusion at L5/S1 due to a ruptured disc. The surgery was successful and i was walking (with assistance) within hours, I was so happy. I was still experiencing left leg weakness and nerve compression symptoms along with pain 6 months after the surgery. In April of 2011 doctors found that the L4/5 Disc had collapsed and was compressing L5 nerve root. Doctors wanted to operate again but I did not want them to as I was up and about and didn’t see the point for a 60% chance of getting somewhat better.

I started Bikram yoga in early 2011, before I got the news of my L4/5 disc changes, and my symptoms have only improved since. I have no loss of strength in my left leg any more, Very little Left leg nerve pain and if you saw me you couldn’t tell I have a problem or that there was a large amount of time I spent unable to walk.

Because of the injury, I had very low confidence and had serious issues even voicing my opinion to a doctor or even family member. Through this time I was also having frequent panic attacks, daily headaches and mood swings. Bikram yoga has been amazing for my inner self and has slowly given me a strong mind and the confidence to speak to anyone. Since starting bikram yoga I have not had one panic attack nor have I frozen in public. Bikram yoga has also given me a great body too. 

A big thank you to Sean, Jodie and the team, you have changed my life for the better. Peta Jeffery

Weight Loss

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

The benefits of Bikram Yoga… Goodness, where do I start?

Bikram yoga has been part of my life for 5 years now and the benefits received have been numerous, not just physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The most obvious gain has been from a physical nature but by no means the most important. From 95 kilos to 75 kilos, that’s a loss of 20 kilos, which I have struggled with for most of my life. I guess I was like a lot of other people going on crash diets that appeared to work well in the beginning but ending up putting on more weight after the diet than before. With Bikram yoga I have been able to lose weight and keep it off while maintaining a very social lifestyle. The extra energy I now have is fantastic! This is due to working on the other various levels, which has allowed me to keep the weight off permanently. To change on the outside we must first change from within. By practicing Bikram yoga this process will happen automatically.

Bikram yoga gives you results on so many different levels, which are easily sustainable and absolutely life changing.

Many thanks to Sean and Jodie (and the team) who own and manage Bikram Yoga at Burleigh, for their knowledge, support and enthusiasm and always giving so much more over and above the call of duty. Thanks guys. Paul Simos


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